Guest house

        The house was built over two hundred years ago, on the basis of a magnificient mantel chimney. Back in that time, when the "Jaunogriņi was built", it was very important to carefully choose the place, where to build the house, and usually these places were full with strong energy. Not for nothing the house is preserved, and people just like to be there.

        In the fire hall, there is an old stove, where you can cook. There also is a kitchen with fridge, electric stove, warm and cold water. In fire hall, you can lay the table for forty people. There is also a TV, music centre and karaoke for entertainment.

        We also have a dressing room, where you can change your clothes. In facilities room a shower is available. In the first floor of the guest house, there are two more rooms. The first one - "Cupid room" - has a big double bed, built in a log houses style, with linen sheets and woolen blankets. This room is great for newlyweds. Second room has two beds. In its turn, in the second floor of the guest house, there is a large room for guests to spend the night.